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obie usategui

Your image is as good as what you write...don't ruin it!


Stimulating, Clear And Effective Business Writing...

  • Website Copywriting
  • Marketing letters
  • Collection letters
  • Business Proposals
  • Business Plans
  • Personal Resumes

Why take a chance? Let an expert do it for you...

Let Obie's writing expertise turn your ordinary, run of the mill copy, into a well written document that gets the your message across in the most professional way possible !


If you or any member of your staff have ever found yourselves in a situation where you wanted to write a copy for an important business document such as: a letter, website, business plan, an advertising campaign, or any other message you wanted to convey to others yet realized you just could not find the right words to do so, do not feel bad, you are in good company. There are millions others like you. As a matter of fact, most people, regardless of how bright they are, lack the ability to write sensibly, thus hurting themselves by not getting their point across.

Poor writing skills have, more often than not, result in great dollar losses to the business community. Vis-à-vis, success in business is greatly associated with developing the right image and that's where Professional Writing Services and I come in.

Throughout our user-friendly web-site you will effortlessly become acquainted with the many writing services we can provide. I invite you to navigate through the pages of this website and acquaint yourselves with our skills and services. We look forward to servicing all your writing needs, whatever those may be. Thank you.